Daniel's Day


A children's board book written by Mary Gordon that supports the Roots of Empathy organization.


The introduction to this book gives parents unique insights into the emotional life of a five-year-old child and the importance of the ebb and flow of relationships in families. Melanie Gordon's inimitable illustrations invite readers to connect with the vulnerability, heartbreak, frustration, joyfulness, and tenderness of the protagonist. A tin mirror at the back of the book invites reflection on feelings from both the adult and child reader in a playful way.


Daniels Day Cover

La journee de Daniel Cover


Through following Daniel in the ups and downs of a day in his five-year-old life, we see how he becomes an empathic child. In the snakes and ladders of life, Daniel makes sense of, and recovers from, disappointment and hurt feelings because those close to him have shown empathy towards him. This ability to understand how others feel is the prerequisite for conflict resolution, altruism, and a peaceful tomorrow.


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All proceeds from the sale of Daniel's Day are reinvested into the ROE organization to support its Roots of Empathy and Seeds of Empathy programs.