Seeds of Empathy featured on King 5 TV


25 January 2013: Seeds of Empathy was featured on King 5-TV on January 25th, 2013. The first U.S. Seeds of Empathy programs were introduced to daycares in Seattle in 2010-2011, with the impact on participating children already becoming apparent.


“I think the most striking part of witnessing what's happening here in this childcare center is the way the children are able to understand or give their take on what [their ‘tiny teacher’] is feeling and what his intentions are,” explains Roots of Empathy Founder/President Mary Gordon during a family visit.


With the first brain-based research studies underway on children participating in the program, University of Washington Psychologist Andrew Meltzoff also observed the family visit. He commends the Seeds of Empathy program’s impact in fostering social and emotional literacy among the children, stating, “When you come to a classroom like this you can see how great this program really is because it’s showing the little children how to take the perspective of somebody else … We need that desperately in our society, these are actually the seeds of that important ability.”


Visit the King 5 website to view the full clip.